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provider network

Dr. Colin Plotkin & Sons Consulting (”Plotkin Consulting”) is an acknowledged international Preferred Provider Organization located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.   Plotkin Consulting provides cost containment services to some 47 National and International Medical Insurers, and facilitates the settlement of claims in geographical areas which include, but are not limited to, the USA, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Africa and the Caribbean.   Plotkin Consulting is considered to be the leading provider of cost containment services to the Medical Travel Insurance Industry. We have a highly regarded reputation for supplying the best available discounts, consistent and reproducible results, a fair and equitable process in the settlement of claims, the complete elimination of balance billing, all of which are coupled with excellent customer service.  

Through a combination of medical, legal, insurance, arbitration, and business qualifications, Plotkin Consulting specializes in both small and catastrophic claims settlement, via our own direct PPO network, for both in and out of network cases. We utilize our own extensive, direct, and favorable provider relationships to obtain significant cost savings, while exercising fairness to both the provider and payer. We do not utilize any outside 3rd party networks or PPO contracts. With an approach of transparency and fairness to all, Plotkin Consulting is able to achieve the best net results in the industry, eliminate entirely any possibility of balance billing or deferred liabilities, and create a mutually beneficial environment where insurers and medical service providers harmoniously work together.

Our principal activity:

Our organization’s sole function is the fair and equitable settlement of medical provider bills on behalf of all levels of insurance payers (MGU’s, TPA’s, Assistance Companies, Insurers, Re-insurers, and the self insured), located nationally and internationally. With this being our only business activity, entailing the processing of many thousands of cases annually, we are able to ensure that our customers receive the best possible results. This is attained by virtue of the vast financial volumes we account for to providers of medical service.

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