With an initial history of specializing in large and catastrophic claims, Plotkin Consulting through its favorable direct relationships with providers of medical service, facilitates a fair and equitable settlement process for both payers and providers alike.   Our unique multiplicity of medical. professional, legal, and insurance industry knowledge and expertise, ensures consistent, reproducible, legitimate and unquestioned results.   Focused on service to both the Medical Insurance and Medical Provider Industries, our corporation has evolved to facilitate settlement of Medical Provider bills from $50.00, to more than $5 million.

The unproductive specter of “balance billing”, and failure of a provider to recognize a settlement is eliminated through our proven direct contractual relationship with each individual provider.   Flexibility, and the inherent right of choice, remains the prerogative of the Payer, without the restrictions of “exclusivity”, or the need to operate under the veiled guise of “steerage”.

Our company is designed for those insurance payers with low-risk tolerance... ie. low tolerance for balance billing of hospital discounts, and deferred liabilities.

Realizing a superior net result for both payer and provider, we return on average for our clients, an overall 10% greater savings than accepted industry standard results.

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